Today's Seniors

What is important for today's seniors?

As a candidate in the upcoming election, I will be learning more about what is important for seniors today. I live in a building in downtown Burlington and many of the residents are seniors, so I am always engaged in discussions. There are many challenges facing seniors today and these below are to mention a few. After review and discussions, if elected i would move forward with programs and initiatives that can be developed for all seniors not just living in ward 2 but throughout Halton Region.

Many seniors are on a fixed income and many may not have benefits for drug plans and dental. Are there funds from a Regional level that can be acquired to assist with a program? This could also include working with specific professions on providing services at a discount for residents without benefits. Sometimes it's just about asking and selling community spirit to others that would come forward and assist in such a program.

Other areas for review

➤ Financial Security - The rising cost of living while living on a fixed income poses new financial restrictions.

➤ Transportation - Many seniors don't drive and some may have physical challenges with mobility.

➤ Changing social climate - Adjusting to technological changes. Technology is always changing.

➤ Financial Predators - Sadly, it is a fact that there are unscrupulous people looking to prey on people.

➤ Physical Assistance - Getting groceries, going to doctor’s visits, even small tasks such as cleaning the house become more difficult